Information for patients

Taking part in research

Taking part in research is completely voluntary, and if you do decide to join a research study you can withdraw at any time, without giving a reason.

The more people that take part in clinical research, the more information we can gain about the best treatments for different health issues, and the more accurate this information is.

Sometimes taking part in research may have direct benefits to you (such as access to a new treatment), but sometimes the benefit is to others (such as learning how to prevent illnesses).


In most cases, information is anonymised before being shared with researchers, so that it is impossible for you as an individual to be identified. In a small number of cases, we need to share more details about you (such as date of birth, or name and address), in these cases this would only be done with your consent.

Anonymised research databases

The surgery contributes to three different research databases. Anonymised information from our patient records is securely shared with these research organisations for researchers to analyse. These databases combined information from 1000s of GP practices in a way that you are not identifiable to anyone.

You can find out more about each database by clicking the links below:

  • SAIL – The Secure Anonymised Information Linkage databank
  • CPRD – Clinical Practice Research Database
  • THIN – The Health Improvement Network

If you do not wish your records to be used in this anonymous way, please contact the surgery to inform us that you wish to ‘opt-out’.